Graduate Student Zoe Clasen

ZOE Hey everyone, I am Zoe a pre-licensed professional completing my masters in counseling at Texas A&M University- Commerce. I am with Cary Scott Counseling as an Intern seeing clients and working with a team of licensed mental health clinicians to provided the best services possible to the community. 

I have always been an advocate of mental health and believe that everyone should have access to mental health services and wellness when needed and desired. I first realized the power of therapy during adolescence when I was struggling with my own feelings of loneliness and sadness as a result of the sudden loss of my brother. I found relief in going to counseling and sharing my story. I discovered ways to handle anxiety and overcome my fears. 

This experience inspired my passion to become a mental health professional and help others discover the power and importance of mental health. I work with teens and young adults to work through feelings of grief, anxiety, being bullied, and social pressures. I offer a therapeutic setting that is safe, accepting, and collaborative for you to achieve the results you are seeking. 

There are times in life when we face problems that seem too difficult to overcome on our own. John Lennon once said “Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay it’s not the end.” Even in our darkest times, there is always hope for something better.  Therapy can be that source of hope. 

Contact me today to start a new beginning. [email protected] or call (972) 454.4286 ext704

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8:00 am - varies per clinician where applicable


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