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The Hooking Up Syndrome

Sex in teen culture is being sensationalized. Everyday our girls and boys are making choices based on false information. Information that says casual sex is harmless. Committed monogamous relationships are for when you get old. Sex is just fun and meaningless. READ MORE

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Reflections of a Parent

Each Summer is a personal sign that another school year has passed and my child will soon be entering into the next anxiously awaited grade. For them, is is a step closer to the rite of passage into adulthood; signifying freedom, differentiation, and respected maturity. I find myself reflecting. Where does time go? Why does time slip through our fingers like a handful of sand? I watch them with pride and joy. I still remember their first cry, the look of excitement their eyes with each new discovery of the world around them. For a cherished moment I was everything in their tiny little world.READ MORE

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10 Ways to Give Your Daughter a Healthy Body Image

After working with pre-teen and teen girls in public education, in private practice, and having a daughter myself I've learned that the start of a healthy self concept begins with a healthy body image. In a media driven society, that often sexualizes girls and even boys for that matter, there are many mixed messages about what to value in our bodies and how to think of them. Here are some offerings to help facilitate a healthy body image. READ MORE

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Understanding Self-Destructive & Addictive Behaviors as a Result of Trauma

Trauma Recovery Group, established in June of 2013, is a therapeutic group for survivors of both childhood and adulthood trauma. The group is comprised of both men and women who find solace in sharing their stories and strength while traveling through the 
complicated paths of recovery. READ MORE

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