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Depending on your needs, a life coach can be a mentor, teacher, trainer, confidante, consultant, advisor, advocate, and support for you in your life. A life coach is not just for adults but for kids as well. Meeting with a life coach can be a powerful and invaluable experience. While working with a life coach is very different than working with a therapist there are some similarities. For example, your information is kept confidential, the results can be life changing, and the relationship is a professional partnership to achieve identified goals.

 There are so many reasons to use a Life Coach. The following are just a few specific reasons to use a one:

  • You have something urgent or exciting happening in your life that you need help with navigating. This could be a new opportunity, challenge, or goal.  
  • You are lacking confidence or resources in your life and need to improve your self concept and skill set to achieve a better life experience. A better life       experience could be about relationships, school, sports performance, work, personal interests, or something else.
  • You have a desire to accelerate achievement of personal goals and accountability is needed for doing so.
  • You are dealing with challenges and limiting beliefs about yourself or the situation is holding you back
  • You are dealing with a life transition and changes are ahead
  • You have a lack of clarity with choices to be made in your life
  • You have a desire to have someone dedicated and invested in your success
  • Your success has started to become problematic and new possibilities are desired
  • Your school, work and life are out of balance, creating unwanted consequences
  • Your core strengths need to be identified, along with how best to use those strengths
  • You are struggling to find direction with your life and want to learn more about yourself
  • You have a child that needs extra support with school, sports, socializing, etc.

 You will find that highly effective coaches do three things for you:

  • Reveal your hidden assumptions, bias, personal strengths, and stimulate insight.
  • Turn your new insights into sustainable action.
  • Engage you to accomplish your goals that are in alignment with your life purpose and needs.

What to expect when meeting with a Life Coach.

When you initially meet with your life coach they will spend time getting to know you and what you are wanting to accomplish from the coaching relationship. While most will feel a little nervous on the first meeting after 1-2 sessions you should know if you feel comfortable and if the relationship is a good fit. Like a therapist or doctor, coaches have individual styles and approaches to the work they do. It is important that you choose one that best suites you. This comfort will be important in doing the important work you are planning to do. Fees for services will also be addressed and payment for services will be made at that time. Sometime packages are offered or special pricing for services are run for a limited time. The cost for services will also be addressed in that session.

 During the coaching process you will be given tasks to complete outside of your sessions. Completing those tasks will be an important part of how quickly you achieve the desired results you are seeking. It is not unusual to face some challenges along the way. It is important that you vocalize those challenges with your coach. Experiencing difficulties is part of the process and your coach is there to help you through it. There maybe times that your meetings with your coach happen at other places than the primary office. This will vary depending on your goals and needs.

 As you experience success and complete your goals your time with your coach will end unless new goals and needs are identified. How you utilize your coaching relationship is up to you. Just because you complete goals with your coach and stop seeing them does not mean that you cannot utilize the services again. You are always welcome to return to the relationship as needs arise.

If you are considering Life Coaching reflect on these 3 questions regarding personal growth:

  • What POTENTIAL do I see in myself to GROW & to MAKE a CHANGE?
  • What would I need to BELIEVE in order to CHOOSE the actions to achieve GROWTH and CHANGE?
  • What is the ONE THING I can do that will move me forward to achieve my GOALS?


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