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Hi, I'm Cary Scott, M.A., CSC, LPC-S. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and getting to know a little about me. I am passionate about my work because I truly love and believe in what I do. I consider my work as a therapist to be an honor because I am able to join with others in their personal journey of life and walk with them through a difficult or challenging path. Sometimes the path is dark, scary, and frustrating. Sometimes our journeys are humbling and joyful. So often when people come to me they are seeking or experiencing a change in their life. I view these times of change to be a birthplace of personal growth, greater empowerment, wisdom, and strengthened resiliency. Of course the navigation of life doesn’t always feel so wise, empowering, or strong when we are struggling. This is where our work begins. Together we establish a therapeutic relationship that supports and benefits your goals. My training and experience provides me with the tools to be a knowledgeable and effective clinician. Continue reading to discover more about what lead me down my career path.

I am a graduate of Amberton University earning a master’s degree in Professional School Counseling and a master’s in Professional Counseling. I started my journey in Commerce, Texas at Texas A&M University Commerce as an education major specializing in early childhood education. After completing a bachelor of science, I went on to receive a bachelor of arts majoring in English.

At that time my education leads me to the classroom where I taught high school students English in the public school system for 12 years. During this journey I discovered the joy and fulfillment of working with teens and their families. Through my various roles in the school system as a professional mentor, team leader, curriculum and grant writer, presenter and trainer; I gained significant insight to the needs of kids and their families. I was motivated, by the work and relationships I experienced, to explore more ways I could further impact and inspire lives in a more in-depth and meaningful fashion. So, I began my research and studies in the field of professional counseling.

I have worked with a diverse population in the mental health field. I began as a therapist in an acute care adult psychiatric facility where I worked with patients dealing with severe mental illnesses and addiction. These patients were often impoverished and frequently homeless. I conducted therapeutic and psycho-educational groups, psycho-social interviews, created treatment plans, and established discharge plans for the patients and their families. The invaluable experience was challenging, eye opening, and always rewarding.

This work countered my work in the private practice setting as a co-facilitator of Phyllis Bisch’s “The Girls Group.” Here I supported adolescent girls through the many challenges of growing up and family dynamics. Following “The Girls Group,” I went on to work with internationally renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross in his in-patient and out-patient adult trauma program in Dallas, Texas. This work has provided me with a strong knowledge base of the devastating effects of trauma and family dynamics. I became well trained in dealing with PTSD, depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders, and other co-morbidities.

I have always had a strong respect for my clients and the importance of feeling safe and comfortable in the therapeutic process. I have now brought my many talents, knowledge and experiences to the private practice setting in Rockwall and Dallas, Texas. If you or someone you know could benefit from my services reach out to me through my “Contact” page or just schedule an appointment through my on-line scheduling. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Let’s get to talking! [email protected] Call me @ 972.325.5942

Christy Maples LPC AssociateHi, I'm Christy Maples, M.A., CSC, LPC-Associate Supervised by Cary Scott LPC-S . In a world full of unknowns, unwelcome thoughts and behaviors can creep into us until we don't recognize ourselves. I believe in the power of passion and my passion is working towards self-discovery with my clients. Together we will discover obstacles, thought patterns, behaviors, and underlying issues that are keeping you from living your best life. Through a strong therapeutic relationship filled with compassion and non-judgement we will embark on a journey to embrace life and all that comes with it.

A little about me…

I received my Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech in 2006 where I majored in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. During my time at Texas Tech I worked in a residential treatment center for adolescents who have emotional difficulties and traumatic life situations. It was here that my passion for mental health was planted and I began to grow in my love for helping people through life struggles.

I then went on to become a special education teacher in Coppell, TX working primarily with teens with behavior and learning disorders. My early years as a special education teacher were spent working as a teacher in our behavior unit teaching lessons related to coping skills, life skills, and overall control of their behavior. I went on to work for the district as a in-home/parent trainer where I went into the homes of the students and helped their families to bridge the skills being taught at school into the home. My last 3 years I served as the special education lead teacher coordinating behavior plans and Individual Education Plans as well as working with the students and their families to support their emotional well-being in the academic setting. After 8 years as a special education teacher, I completed my Masters of Arts in Counseling through Seton Hall University in 2010. During my masters program , I completed my practicum and internship at The Art Station where we used art to enhance the therapy process. I facilitated several groups for teens with anxiety and depression allowing them to uncover their identity and purpose in a safe therapeutic environment. I discovered the power of art as a coping mechanism to guide our subconscious and regulate our emotions.

After completing my Masters of Arts in Counseling, I was certified as a school counselor and served in this role for 4 years in the Plano area. During my time as a school counselor I served on several committees including a committee where I was an advocate of minorities to ensure they had the same access to education as well as increase our minority populations in AP courses. I helped to write suicide curriculum for the district and served on the crisis team. As a counselor it was my mission to ensure that the whole child was being helped; emotional, social, and academic. As a counselor, I experienced many unfortunate situations such as suicide, death of students, family disruptions, homelessness, grief, anxiety, depression, and many other life experiences that led me to the decisions to pursue my passion and work towards my licensure of an LPC and transition into a counselor in the private practice setting.

If you or anyone you know are in need of services, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have! Feel free to email me at [email protected] . Call me @ 214.225.9493 

Let’s walk your story together.

Derrick Scott CPC

Hi I’m Derrick Scott, CPC. I have a long history of passion for sports and coaching/mentoring youth and adults. As a certified professional coach, there is a great reward in joining with individuals to achieve their goals and discovering the best part of their self. Working with clients, I am patient and find humor in challenges to build a down to earth relationship. In doing so I create positivity and confidence to achieve their goals. Sometimes our own self concept is what gets in the way of our own success. I see the talents and strengths in others. I offer a new perspective, clarity, and inspiration to get my clients where they want to be. If you are contemplating using a coach ask yourself this question. What successful athlete do you know that doesn’t have a coach? Coaching isn’t limited to just sports but to life.

In a perfect world everyone would be living to their full potential and getting along with each other. While we don’t live in a perfect world we do have the ability make a powerful difference by living to our fullest potential. I have discovered the value of this through my own experiences. As a kid I was always very involved in school basketball, baseball, football, and track teams. I started high school in Dallas, Texas and transferred my sophomore year to a small farming community at a small school in Northeast Texas. This was a huge culture shock and I had to figure out how to adjust to my new environment. I learned valuable lessons about friends, cultural differences and how to connect with a variety of people in a variety of environments. 

I went on to Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. There I played football for the HSU Cowboys and won 2 division championships. Wining takes patience, humility, and the ability to listen to and respect others. I graduated from Hardin-Simmons University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. While my plans were to work in law enforcement, opportunities pulled me in another direction. I worked in the field of industrial sales throughout college and took a full-time position with the company I worked for throughout my college years. In over 20 years of work with the corporate world I have mentored, trained, and managed co-workers to be successful in their positions. With patience and realistic expectations, I have watched individuals achieve beyond their own beliefs. While successful, my love for sports and coaching never waned.

Throughout this time I started my family with my wife of 20 years. Together we have 4 kids and 3 are active athletes. Through my life experiences I have been inspired to fulfill my love for sports, coaching, and mentoring by getting my teaching certificate through the state of Texas in special education. I have worked with youth and families in the Juvenile Detention System as a lead detention officer and I have worked in the public school system as a special education teacher and coach. 

As a Special Education Teacher and basketball, football, and track coach for Garland ISD and Fannindel ISD, I was able to  connect with youth and their families to instill powerful skills both on and off the field/court. As a behavior adjustment teacher I taught youth how to self regulate, adjust to challenging environments,  and process their choices before acting on them. Their success allowed them to work in the same classroom with their peers and be academically successful.  I have also volunteered and coached basketball with the Royse City Youth Association for 6 years and served as a board member for 3 of those years. In all these experiences the most powerful component is the mental game. In the game of life or sports one cannot be successful without mental strength and stamina.

These collective experiences have lead me to continue my journey with with individuals as a professional life coach through the University of North Texas Professional Development Institute. I am recognized with the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches and the NET Institute. I offer services in the private practice setting to youth and adults who are looking to get more out of life and take charge of their personal and professional goals.  

If you are ready to strengthen your game and live to your fullest potential contact me to get a new playbook. Let’s start practice so you can get back in the game of life.  Contact me at [email protected]

Hello there, I’m Britain Shaw LPC Associate Supervised by Cary Scott LPC-S I know that sometimes life can be scary and dark. During these uncertain times we need someone to help us illuminate the dark corners or spaces of our lives and bring support and guidance. I am here to help and hold a lantern of hope while you discover new confidence and personal empowerment in your life. In a journey together we will create a narrative telling your story that is authentic and inspiring for you.  We will gather tools along the way that support your self-care, self-confidence, goals, and independence.  I offer you a space of understanding, compassion, and safety so that you can achieve your goals and carry your own lantern of hope.  I am here to help and be with you during the challenges your life brings. Whether you are new to therapy or continuing your journey I hold a space for you to build a therapeutic relationship that will support your needs and goals. Continue reading to discover more about my work and experiences.

As a native of Corpus Christi, I received my undergraduate degree at Texas A&M Corpus Christi in 2016 majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. My undergraduate studies were inspired by my passion for justice and mental health. As a life skills coach for an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility, I worked with adolescent boys who struggled with addiction. The population of the facility was diverse and provided me with the experience of working with young adults who presented a variety of challenges ranging from impoverishment, gang affiliation, and dangerous home lives to peer pressure, school achievement demands, and feelings of inadequacy. Their addiction was often a secondary issue being fueled by other mental health challenges like depression and anxiety often stemming from trauma. My task was to help these young men learn independent living and social skills so they could re-engage in a higher functioning lifestyle. Some of the ways I facilitated this growth was through leading groups, applying conflict resolution strategies, and maintaining the boundaries outlined in their treatment plan. My experiences with these young adults were invaluable. I became acutely aware of the importance of active listening, humor and building an alliance with my clients. I discovered the power of advocacy for those whose voices had been muted. I realized that as a mental health therapist I could fulfill a need in my community through alliance and advocacy in the therapeutic relationship.

In 2017, I moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and was given the opportunity to work at Butterfly Effects, a vastly different population than the drug rehabilitation facility. With Butterfly Effects I trained as a registered behavioral technician to work with children who have autism. Working with this population taught me a new set of skills and techniques that enabled me to reach my clients with a different set of needs. While working with these clients and their families in their homes or schools I was able to observe clients’ engagement and record data to implement measurable and appropriate goals, utilize positive reinforcement interventions for building implicit and explicit motivation as well as create behavior modification strategies to address problematic behaviors. I listened to parents’ concerns and helped them to understand how their child is progressing. These experiences solidified my passion to work in the mental health industry. I chose to develop a more in depth understanding of mental health through my graduate studies at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

After a series of academic successes and achievements with the Chicago School, I started conducting mental health counseling with the school’s counseling department. This opportunity has allowed me to combine my previous work experience with my formal training in graduate school. Through telehealth services I have assisted individuals with their challenges regarding self-esteem, anxiety, depression, complex trauma, emotional regulation, stress management and numerous other issues. As my graduate work with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology nears completion, I take on a new journey with Cary Scott Counseling to gain experience in the private practice setting. My student internship in private practice will contribute to both my field experience and requirements for becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am excited to engage with you to achieve your goals and experience a positive and supportive therapeutic relationship. If you or anyone you know may benefit from counseling or need services, please contact me at [email protected]

I’m happy to answer any questions you have!

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