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Hello there, I’m Britain Shaw LPC Supervised by Cary Scott LPC-S I know that sometimes life can be scary and dark. During these uncertain times we need someone to help us illuminate the dark corners or spaces of our lives and bring support and guidance. I am here to help and hold a lantern of hope while you discover new confidence and personal empowerment in your life. In a journey together we will create a narrative telling your story that is authentic and inspiring for you.  We will gather tools along the way that support your self-care, self-confidence, goals, and independence.  I offer you a space of understanding, compassion, and safety so that you can achieve your goals and carry your own lantern of hope.  I am here to help and be with you during the challenges your life brings. Whether you are new to therapy or continuing your journey I hold a space for you to build a therapeutic relationship that will support your needs and goals. Continue reading to discover more about my work and experiences.

As a native of Corpus Christi, I received my undergraduate degree at Texas A&M Corpus Christi in 2016 majoring in Psychology and minoring in Criminal Justice. My undergraduate studies were inspired by my passion for justice and mental health. As a life skills coach for an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility, I worked with adolescent boys who struggled with addiction. The population of the facility was diverse and provided me with the experience of working with young adults who presented a variety of challenges ranging from impoverishment, gang affiliation, and dangerous home lives to peer pressure, school achievement demands, and feelings of inadequacy. Their addiction was often a secondary issue being fueled by other mental health challenges like depression and anxiety often stemming from trauma. My task was to help these young men learn independent living and social skills so they could re-engage in a higher functioning lifestyle. Some of the ways I facilitated this growth was through leading groups, applying conflict resolution strategies, and maintaining the boundaries outlined in their treatment plan. My experiences with these young adults were invaluable. I became acutely aware of the importance of active listening, humor and building an alliance with my clients. I discovered the power of advocacy for those whose voices had been muted. I realized that as a mental health therapist I could fulfill a need in my community through alliance and advocacy in the therapeutic relationship.

In 2017, I moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and was given the opportunity to work at Butterfly Effects, a vastly different population than the drug rehabilitation facility. With Butterfly Effects I trained as a registered behavioral technician to work with children who have autism. Working with this population taught me a new set of skills and techniques that enabled me to reach my clients with a different set of needs. While working with these clients and their families in their homes or schools I was able to observe clients’ engagement and record data to implement measurable and appropriate goals, utilize positive reinforcement interventions for building implicit and explicit motivation as well as create behavior modification strategies to address problematic behaviors. I listened to parents’ concerns and helped them to understand how their child is progressing. These experiences solidified my passion to work in the mental health industry. I chose to develop a more in depth understanding of mental health through my graduate studies at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

After a series of academic successes and achievements with the Chicago School, I started conducting mental health counseling with the school’s counseling department. This opportunity has allowed me to combine my previous work experience with my formal training in graduate school. Through telehealth services I have assisted individuals with their challenges regarding self-esteem, anxiety, depression, complex trauma, emotional regulation, stress management and numerous other issues. As my graduate work with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology nears completion, I take on a new journey with Cary Scott Counseling to gain experience in the private practice setting. My student internship in private practice will contribute to both my field experience and requirements for becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am excited to engage with you to achieve your goals and experience a positive and supportive therapeutic relationship. If you or anyone you know may benefit from counseling or need services, please contact me at [email protected]  972.454.4286 ext702

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